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Cane Corso Vero is located about 2 hours north of San Francisco, California off of US Highway 101 North and state Highway 20 in Ukiah, California. For our contact info click here. Our Cane Corso Vero Ranch Estate is 88 acres of wooded land nestled in the mountains with an artesian quality spring that runs through the property.

Our main focus is the preservation of the breed as well as nurturing the utmost in family companions.  Strict parental selection is always a top priority when planning future litters. All of our dogs are bred to work, love and protect.

Breeding for temperament, health, intelligence, bone structure, and beauty!

· Personal assistance throughout the dogs life
· International and Domestic Shipping
· Will ship frozen and chilled semen to select bitches worldwide
· All dogs are Penn-hip tested
· Specializing in show dogs
· All colors: Fawn, Formentino, Black, Blue, Red and all Brindles
· Members of ARBA, ICCF, and Rarities, Inc.
· Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 Priority
· All dogs are vet approved before departure
· All dogs are socialized from birth until departure

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