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"They are inseparable"
Dog(s):  Vero's Luci   .   View Entire Testimonial
Wayne and Kim H.
"never in my life owned, known, or seen, a dog this cool. "
Dog(s):  Gideon   .   View Entire Testimonial
Gilbert Alvarez
"I've attached a picture of my two year old daughter Adriana and our puppy,Urso."
Dog(s):  Urso   .   View Entire Testimonial
Matthew L
Dog(s):  Ganis   .   View Entire Testimonial
Matthew L
Dog(s):  Ganis   .   View Entire Testimonial
Laura and Paul DeMarco
"He is a great looking puppy. "
Dog(s):  Maverick   .   View Entire Testimonial
"The girls are so smart... "
Dog(s):  Sadie and Sheba   .   View Entire Testimonial
Joe Leroux
"Molly is just about three now and is by far my best dog yet."
Dog(s):  Molly   .   View Entire Testimonial
Steve Motley
"Great Dog"
Dog(s):  Kira   .   View Entire Testimonial
Miguel Franco
"People stop me everytime I take him out. "
Dog(s):  Bruno   .   View Entire Testimonial
Amy Dalheim
"Maximus is doing great. "
Dog(s):  Maximus   .   View Entire Testimonial
Julie and Andy Watson
"She is truly the best dog anyone could ask for."
Dog(s):  Kaya   .   View Entire Testimonial
Joe Leroux
"Her name is Molly and she is wonderful."
Dog(s):  Molly   .   View Entire Testimonial
Trudy Dowling
"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog Hagrid (puppy of Bella, July 15) has become."
Dog(s):  Hagrid   .   View Entire Testimonial
Kim Schweppe
"He is doing great! And a wonderful addition to our family. My grandchildren love him...."
Dog(s):  Enzo   .   View Entire Testimonial
Shawne Campi
"He is such a good boy."
Dog(s):  Leo   .   View Entire Testimonial
Shawn Cooley
"...was worth every penny."
Dog(s):  TBD   .   View Entire Testimonial
Carlos Matos
"We are very glad we found you, and are very happy with our dog. "
Dog(s):  Rex   .   View Entire Testimonial
Yana and Felix
"he is the most beautiful dog i have ever seen!"
Dog(s):  Diesel   .   View Entire Testimonial
Ron Meier
"She is awesome. We are completely hooked!"
Dog(s):  TBD   .   View Entire Testimonial
Lisa Hall
"He's a great addition to our family!"
Dog(s):  Male Corso Puppy   .   View Entire Testimonial
Cheryl Lucich
" Thanks so much, money well spent..we're thrilled with her!"
Dog(s):  Lilah   .   View Entire Testimonial
Laura Cloutier
"Pesha is doing really well. She is over 50 pounds..."
Dog(s):  Pesha   .   View Entire Testimonial
Wil Berube
"what a great dog "
Dog(s):  Athena   .   View Entire Testimonial
Shawn O'Donnell
"We are so glad to have Luca...."
Dog(s):  Luca   .   View Entire Testimonial
Mark Schundler
"I look forward to buying a female from you..."
Dog(s):  Vero's Buckley   .   View Entire Testimonial
James Snyder
"She is very protective of the house, but has a good temperament when out in public."
Dog(s):  Vero's Maya   .   View Entire Testimonial
Megan & Rich
"We think the other dog owners are often jealous of our wonderful pup."
Dog(s):  Vero's Capone   .   View Entire Testimonial
Bruce Thompson
"...he about jumped over a 6 ft fence to come to her aid."
Dog(s):  Vero's Rudy   .   View Entire Testimonial
Bryan Forester
"Man I Love this dog. He is the best."
Dog(s):  Vero's Diesel   .   View Entire Testimonial
Josh & Ann Eckler
"He is great with other dogs (large & small) as well as our grouchy cat."
Dog(s):  Vero's Roman   .   View Entire Testimonial
Adam Cordes
"Her mannerisms are almost human."
Dog(s):  Vero's Milla   .   View Entire Testimonial
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