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Yana and Felix
Dog(s):  Diesel
Hey Ant, as promised here's our testimonial:

from Yana & Felix (Philadelphia) about baby Diesel:

Let me start by saying that he is the most beautiful dog i have ever seen, not because he's mine but he was just born handsome. We fell in love with him over the internet and our lives have not been the same since we picked up this little bandit from the Airport last April. He's absolutely the best.

We've had some tough times in training because little prince Diesel is at times sensitive and moody but he has come a long way. We have never had a big dog so we also had to be trained. I learned my lesson after 10th pair of shoes - this boy just loves mommy's nice italian leather, preferably with a big heel to chew on.

He's a little more mature now and is very well behaved.
I can take him to a Nail Salon or a friend's house with me and he'll be a good boy.
Felix likes to take him for a walk because he is definitely a chick magnet.

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