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Training Tips

We recommend that you enroll your puppy in kindergarten class between 8 to 12 weeks so your puppy can get socialization and interaction with other people as well as with other puppies.

The next step that we recommend is that you enroll your puppy in a basic obedience class, so that you can get your puppy starting to know his basic commands. As they are Sit, Stay, Down and Leave it, which is really good for things you want your CC to have.

Finally, you should make obedience training become an ongoing process throughout your Corsos life. You should always work with your Corso so that you remain as the pack leader. And last but not least for showing if wanting to get into that it is a wonderful thing and I do recommend conformation classes in or area or close buy if possible if not available there are always show books you can purchase till you get the real help you really need. Those are the first steps I would do if wanting to show or obedience train.


One of the most important parts of a puppy’s life is socialization. Socialization should begin as early as possible, by exposing the puppy to as many things as possible. Such as different sounds, children, cars, trucks, animals, car rides, etc. If you take the time and effort to socialize and train your Corso, your Corso should be the ultimate companion and family dog. Also the CC can be dominant especially towards other dogs. But if you raise your CC around other dogs from the beginning of his life you should have no problems, he should be fine. Also, take him around other animals so he knows they aren’t any threat to him as well. The CC will not back away from a fight or challenge, so if you are at any threat he will be there with no problem you can let that be known, but they are not mean just protective to its own. They also are aloof to strangers, so before they are your friend they have to get to know you first. And remember this breed is a guard dog so this is totally allowable.

The CC will automatically attach to his family and that goes for children especially. It is better to have them grow together that’s our opinion and I believe this is very good advice. And he or she will love their family unconditionally.

Sincerely Anthony Faga

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