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Bella and Reese
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Our Rosa and Angelina
The cane corso dog is mainly recognized as family companions and guard dogs.

The cane corso dog bonds quickly to his family and becomes quite attached, especially to the children.

To the children they are playful, protective, yet gentle, always aware of a child's helplessness and innocence.

They enjoy being included in the family activities. Their athletic ability lends itself to include such activities as hiking, jogging, long walks, swimming, bike riding or just playing fetch.

Some things to ask yourself if you are considering owning a Cane Corso:

#1:  Are you prepared to devote the next 8-12 years to a dog?

#2:  Are you a workaholic? These dogs aren't happy alone constantly, they need companionship and affection.

#3:  Are you willing and able to take this pup to puppy kindergarten, obedience classes and constantly socialize this pup?

#4:  Do you have the $$$ to feed a 100+ pound animal for years, and the funds to keep up on health care and check ups?

#5:  If you rent a home, will your landlord let you have this breed of dog, or order it off the premises
when it grows into a large intimidating canine?

We will NOT sell you a puppy if we feel he/she will end up in a less than adequate environment for a Cane Corso dog. The Cane Corso is a very special breed, and needs to be treated as such.

We are no longer breeding. Email us at:  Please Click Here.
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