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Cane Corso Vero Home

Breed History . The history of the Cane Corso is explained here.

Breed Standards . The standards for the Cane Corso breed can be found here.

Training Tips . Free training tips for your Cane Corso puppy and dog.

How to Buy a Cane Corso . My free guide that explains how not to get ripped off, like I was, when you buy your Cane Corso.

About Us  .  Tells you who we are, where we are and why we breed cane corsos.

Testimonials  .  Our awesome customer testimonials will tell you what it is like to have a vero cane corso puppy as part of your family.

Contact Info   .  Here how you can contact us, either by phone (toll free) or by email.

FAQs . Frequently Asked Questions that we commonly get.

Our Family:
Scandifio's Nash di Vero  .   Vero's Puglia  .   Preservation's Zilla  .   Roman's Bella  .   Roman's Asia  .   Vero's Brunello  .   Vero's Bruno  .   Vero's Sasha  .  
Vero's Philomena  .   Vero's Luna  .   Vero's Simba  .   Preservation's Zilla  .   Vero's Mara  .   Vero's Mia  .   Vero's Dora  .   test  .  
test  .  
Individual Pictures and Photos of our breeding cane corso dogs.
Cane Corsos for Sale:
Cane Corsos for Sale. Includes pictures of cane corso puppies and dogs that are for sale.

Main Photo Gallery  .  Various photos and pictures of our dogs, events and people with Cane Corsos.

Our Family Gallery  . Pictures of our dogs.

Previous Litters / Puppies Gallery . Pictures of previous and current litters of cane corso puppies from CaneCorsoVero.

My Cane Corso Videos . Incredible videos of our Cane Corso dogs and puppies and our Ukiah, California Ranch.

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